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Case studies

 Ambition 1650 airTec 

Achieving invisible joint results is highly satisfying

The Ambition 1650 airTec is the right machine for customers with high requirements. Whether for production of the perfect zero-joint or for other edge processings, the machine always provides the perfect solution. The Ambition 1650 airTec is equipped with a joint trimming unit, a Quickmelt gluing unit, an airTec activation unit, end trimming unit, a trimming unit and a 2-motor corner rounding unit. The perfect finish is obtained by a radius scraper, a glue joint scraper as well as buffing unit.
Ambition 1650 airTec - Your benefit 
  • Fully automated
  • Unlimited force thanks to high-power motors
  • High flexibility through alternate use of EVA and PU
  • Multistage technology for perfect use in case of changing materials

 Technical data  
 Overall length (mm)


 Working height (mm)


 Machine width + height open (mm)

 1.555 x 2.300

Workpiece thickness (mm)
in combination with airTec (mm)

 8 - 60 (opt. 80)

 Edge thickness (mm)

 0,4 - 12

 Feed speed (m/min.)
in connection wtih airTec

 var. 8 - 18 (opt. 8 - 20)
marx. 15


Perfect invisible joint
Pfeil Competitive advantages 


Ambition 1650 airTec