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Case studies

 Highflex 1220 

Pace setting performance and quality

Single-sided edge banding machine for processing straight workpiece edges and for gluing and post-processing different edging materials in longitudinal and cross through-feed.
Technical data 
Machine length (mm) 4153
Working height (mm) 950
Machine dimensions WxH (mm) 1525 x 2182
Workpiece thickness (mm) 8 - 60
Edge thickness (mm) 0,4 - 6,0
Feed speed (m/min.)  11
Pfeil Standard equipment   

Control easyTouch

Joint trimming unit

Gluing unit

Pressure zone

End trimming unit

Trimming unit with pneum. adjustment

Corner rounding unit

Profile scraping unit

Buffing unit
Pfeil Optional equipment  

Autom. edge infeed device

Spraying unit

Glue joint scraping unit

Central lubrication unit

Nesting package