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Case studies

 KTD 720 Optimat 

The flexible solution for shaped parts

For gluing of straight edges and irregularly shaped workpieces with internal and external radii.
Benefits you can count on 

The KTD 720 is not only a new machine, it represents a flexible machine concept. The goal of the new development was to have a machine not only for efficiently and reliably gluing a series of formed parts but also for processing smaller quantities of straight parts.

The KTD 720 has a gluing system, which applies the glue directly on to the edgebanding material. The coil-cut off device is either activated by foot pedal or, for serial production, by pre-selecting the edge length via a digital length counter (optional). The panel is placed on height spacers, which are fixed on the working table, according to the shape of the panel. No template is required. Because of the flexibility of the KTD 720, shaped parts and straight parts can be processed easily on this machine.

 Edge thickness (mm) 0,5 - 3,0
 Workpiece thickness (mm) 10 - 55
 Feed speed (m/min) 4,0 - 9,0
 Machine length (mm) 2100
 Weight (kg) 280

Pfeil Units 

Additional heating unit

Digital pre-selection of edge lengths